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AeroDR Veterinary

Konica Minolta has developed a portable digital X-ray solution that allows Veterinarians to do an easy and quick diagnosis wherever and whenever needed. Within 2 seconds, X-ray image previews are available making use of high end digital flat detector detectors. Since the images are immediately available, you can do a quick assessment or reshoot the image right after, making the acquisition 
an efficient process.


   100% Wireless 
The portable kit is completely wireless both for data transmission as well as power supply. In addition the AeroDR detectors can be charged from empty to full in only 30 minutes! 

To further increase mobility, the system is operated via a smart tablet which can be removed from the keyboard docking station allowing for maximum freedom of movement.

The complete suitcase system, including AeroDR 10x12 detector, tablet pc and accessories weighs only 9.5 kilograms, making it one of the lightest in the world. Housed in the custom made, sturdy and lightweight suitcase it can easily be carried and is small enough to comfortably fi t behind any car seat for example.

The AeroDR detector uses 
AeroSYNC Automatic 
Exposure Detection which 
allows it to be used with any 
existing X-ray source.

     ImagePilot Veterinary software
ImagePilot is fully DICOM 3.0 Veterinary compliant and has been developed in co-operation 
with veterinarians and is specifi cally designed 
and optimized for veterinary use. The user friendly 
interface provides an all-in-one IT solution. From 
patient creation to acquisition to diagnosis and 
reporting to image storage: ImagePilot does it all.

• Patient registration
• Image acquisition
• Diagnosis
• Reporting
• Archiving



Detection method:   Indirect conversion method
Scintillator:   CsI (Cesium Iodide)
Dimensions:   (WxDxH) 281.8 x 333.0 x 15.9 mm
Pixel size:   175 μm
Weight:   1.7 kg
Weight durability:   150 kg @ ø 40 mm / 300 kg @ full image fi eld
Communication:   Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11a compliant) / dedicated wired ethernet connection
Image preview time:   Less than 2 seconds
Cycle time:   Approx. 7 seconds (with dedicated wired connection)
Cycle time:   Approx. 9 seconds (with wireless LAN connection)
Image field:   1.404 x 1.696 pixels
Battery type:   Lithium Ion Capacitor
Battery charging time:   Empty to full within 30 minutes
Number of exposures:   146 images / 4.0 hours

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