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BTF-180E Fiberglass Bathing Tub

-Nautical grade fiberglass (the same material and thickness as used in yacht construction), makes this product a top quality tub. This tub will provide you with years of reliable service. 
-Designed in Italy, the pleasing shape, large size and soothing off white color make this an excellent choice for all bathing situations.
-The sturdy base and electric lift system easily support more than 260lbs. The tub lowers to within 14" of the ground, making it a stroll for large breeds and older dogs to enter and depart the tub.
-It raises to 42". 
-The huge size easily can accommodate the largest of breeds.
-Great Danes and Mastiffs not only stand comfortably but can turn around. 
-A silicon anti-slip mat, stainless steel drain and hair strainer, flexible hose, overhead restraint bar, steel ropes are equipped standard.

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