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BTS-132T/132TE European Style Stainless Steel Bathing Tub

European Styling.  BTS-132T has a fixed base. BTS-132TE has the same smart design with an electric base.  

Constructed from 13 gauge stainless steel panels. This tub will perform for years to come. 
Wide front door opens across the full width of the tub, allowing large breeds easy access.
Large breeds and older dogs can stroll in and out (of the BTS-132TE) when the tub is lowered.
Dog fixture rings on back splash guard for easy dog restraint.
Comfortably bath small breeds without bending by over raising the tub to a suitable level for your stature (and/or by adding a booster rack). 
Water resistant foot pedal controls make operating the tub simple. 
The gentle movement up/down does not startle pets.
Tubs also come with stainless steel hair strainer, flexible drain hose.
Tub bottom panel, puppy booster and faucet are optional parts.

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