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FT-808/808Pro Low-Low Electric Lifting Table

Keeps the legend going!
After 8 years successful selling in pet grooming industry, our low-low table has won great honor from the global market. Now it welcomes its moment to get the whole system re-engineered, to launch a more powerful, functional and reliable table, and to keep writing the legend!
Practical and helpful power supply receptacles installed on the operation panel, accommodates up to 15A (220V) electric appliances. Transparent sliding drawer keeps your small tools and accessories handy. Two USB ports included, for convenient charging of your electronic devices (like cell phones). Hanging hooks on the other side of tabletop keeps all your equipment (nail grinder, clipper and dryers) close and convenient. With adjustable leveler feet added.
The whole table is earthed by a metal foot leveler. The power supply system is protected by a top class breaker with leakage detector included too. Also the power cable itself is earthed too, by the earth prong. Three layered protection, ensures 100% safe operation on this wonderful piece.
The lowest point of this table is only 22cm (8.5"), providing easy step-on access for pet; including mature, large and infirm animals. World top class linear actuator provides outstanding loading capacity of 150kg (300lbs), powered by Linak. Innovative X-style frame is stable, powerful and quiet. Removable tabletop, easy to clean, enables you the ability to change the color, better suiting your personal style and preference.

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