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here are two options for this wonderful table, FT-826 hydraulic, FT-826E electric.
This unique table is very versatile. 
The three panel operation top makes it possible for you to enlarge the operation platform size from 19" wide 28 1/2" wide. This unique feature is not available elsewhere. Two side panels can adjust from horizontal to near vertical to hold the patient in the desired position during surgery.
Overall size of the top: 19"W (to 28 1/2”W) × 58"L. 
Worm bar driving system allows you to move and tilt the top, and adjust the angle at 0 - 45 degrees as needed.
Stainless steel operating table top with tilting function, convenient for various breeds and sizes of animals.
Superior quality table is rock-solid at any height, adjustable from 21.5" to 42". 
Ergonomically designed, each side panel is 9”, based upon average forearm length.Three waste liquid troughs under the top boards. Specially mounted fixture allows for easy restraint.

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