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Preparation Table Dental Table with Artificial Stone Tub.

The first choice in Preparation Tables.
This beautiful dental table; made from Artificial Stone Tub and top quality cabinets underneath will be a focal point in your clinic.
Less clinical in look and feel than stainless steel, this table offers a softer esthetic.
The attractive eggshell white tub and supporting cabinet provide a warm feel to the examination area. 
The sturdy plastic coated white grid blends perfectly with the white tub and cabinet underneath.
Competitively priced, the AS table is a cost effective option when compared to the stainless steel tub version.
PVC cabinet is available as an option.

  1. Solid One-piece Tub.

  2. Plastic Dip-in Treated Grid.

  3. Pre-drilled Holes for Tap Installation.

  4. Plastic Waste Pipe.

  5. Smooth Sloped Drainage.

  6. Stainless Drain with Filter.

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