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FT-889 ACE Deluxe Grooming Table

The new flagship of our grooming table fleet. A real all-in-one design, with great looks and fabulous functions. LED light top provides soft, effective illumination. The safety glass top is designed to be antislippery and has a soothing matte finish. The entire table top revolves 360 degrees for easy and comfortable positioning of animals. The heavy duty grooming posts adjusts up to 48” high and rotates 180 degrees around both ends of the table. Position and lock the arm exactly where you need it. Unlock it with a gentle pulling down motion. Two swing arms could be connected and formed into an overhead grooming arm system when needed. Stable and sturdy electric lift column, brings smooth movement of up to 40cm /16 inches height adjustment range. Practical and helpful power supply receptacles installed on the operation panel, accomm- odates up to 15A electric appliances. Transparent sliding drawer keeps your small tools and accessories handy. Two USB ports included, for convenient charging of your electronic devices (like cell phones). Hanging hooks on the other side of tabletop keeps all your equipment (nail grinder, clipper and dryers) close and convenient.

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