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KA-510 Fiberglass Modular Cage

The newest addition to our cage line, KA-510 fiberglass cage, has been developed to look great, work functionally, and outlast the average modular cages in the market.
The fiberglass unit is constructed from smooth molds that provide added strength, resistant to scratching, easy to clean and provides a healthy living environment for the animals. 
All our various sized fiberglass cages are fully assembled and ready for years of use. They are shipped as one piece.
Fiberglass is easy to clean and maintain. Less time and labor involved in maintenance. 
5cm (2") large radius round corners and our fluid retaining lip make clean-up easy and allow for a much healthier kennel environment. No waste trays to remove and clean. Spray water inside and let waste liquid run out through the drainage system. Cleaning has never been this easy before.
Sturdy; Long Lasting; Durable. Constructed of 4-5mm thick, high strength fiberglass material.
The same thickness as fiberglass used in Yacht construction ensures extended cage life.
Reinforcing strips have been added on each side to ensure unbeatable strength.
Strong and Secure Door Locking System. 
Comes standard with dual point self-latching doors; the narrow tolerance spacing between the vertical rod and latch opening makes these extremely quiet (even when dogs are pawing against the door).
8mm diameter frame, 6mm vertical rods and 8mm cross members; together create a safe bank of cages.
Very Functional, A Complete Working Station.
Features spray heads, hoses, drainage systems and the ability to wire your own supply sockets, making it not merely a cage but a multi-functioning work station!
Anesthesia machine, oxygen machine, heating panel, etc.; all electric appliances can be plugged into the power sockets and hung up to horizontal rods in the middle of the door.

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