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Smart Vets offers the flexibility your clinic needs. Our variety of Veterinary microscopy help improve workflow while achieving the look and functionality you desire, Clarity in every image, confidence in every diagnosis.



The BioVIEW microscope camera and monitor is the essential tool for live presentations and client education. The premium BioVID HD1080+camera paired with the 1080p 11.6” HD Monitor provides a bright and beautiful image.


Revelation lll

he Revelation III professional-grade microscope is a best-seller into physician and veterinarian clinics, as well as universities and medical schools. The Revelation lll comes with LED illumination for daylight color, low heat, low power...


i4 Semen Evaluation Microscope

Perfect for veterinarians or fertility clinics, the new i4 Semen Evaluation LabScope is the complete package for live specimen microscopy. Motility analysis should be performed at 98.6 degrees Farenheit to keep sperm active, and the heated stage...


Z4 Zoom StereoScope

On Dual-LED pole stand is a laboratory-grade microscope designed for medical, veterinary, and industrial professionals. The zoom optics magnify from 7x to 45x with the included 10x eyepieces, producing amazing 3-D depth of focus and clarity for...


Innovation Biological Microscope

premium choice for discerning cytologists, doctors, and researchers.Developed with high-contrast infinity PLAN objectives, the Innovation microscope produces sharp, crisp, flat-field images across the entire field of view


Z4 Zoom Stereoscope with Embryo-GLO Base

the perfect choice for embryo transfer professionals. The Z4 Zoom Stereoscope magnifies from 7x-45x for high-resolution 3-D viewing of embryos, and the 10x eyepieces include a reticle for checking embryo size.

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