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High Level Instrument Disinfectant.

REPRODIS HLD4I is a new class of High Level Instrument Disinfectant which combines secure microbiological credentials with safety in use and a comparatively rapid activity for the chemical reprocessing of surgical instruments, flexible or rigid endoscopes and devices. The product is primarily designed for open tank use but its unique flexibility renders it also suitable for other medical apparatus including ultrasonic baths.
REPRODIS HLD4I displays none of the harmful characteristics of glutaraldehyde or PHMB based disinfectants and may safely be
used as a direct substitute for these without air-conditioning. It is faster-acting, safer to use and more economic in use, sterilising in 10mins. The non-oxidising formulation is safer for instruments than both peracetic acid and chlorine compound products.
Independent testing has shown that:

REPRODIS HLD4I will not harm sensitive instruments including flexible fibre optic instruments. 
REPRODIS HLD4I is highly economical in use too. The cost per working litre is less than that of the 2% activated glutaraldehyde which it is designed to replace.
REPRODIS HLD4I is manufactured in accordance with a Quality Management System accredited to ISO9001:2008.


Tested under EN protocols including:

  • EN14347 Sporicidal activity

  • EN1657 Fungicidal activity

  • EN1656 Bactericidal activity

  • EN14476 Virucidal activity

  • EN14204 Mycobactericidal activity



  • Once diluted to the working strength of 5% from concentrate, REPRODIS HLD4II will remain active for up to 7 days, subject to the volume of organic material in the solution. If the solution becomes cloudy it should be changed.



  • Non-sensitising

  • Non-fuming

  • Non-corrosive

  • Air conditioning not required

  • Gloves and eye protection advised



  • No adverse impact on metalic or non-metalic components of flexible endoscopes

  • Non-damaging to electro-plating

  • No adverse impact on dental products tested including amalgam



To prepare 1 litre of REPRODIS HLD4I ready-to-use solution

  • Prepare 950ml of water

  • Add 50ml of REPRODIS HLD4Iconcentrate into 950ml of prepared water

  • Stir gently to ensure mixing

  • Larger quantities can be prepared using the same ratios, e.g. for 5 litres prepare 4750ml of water and add 250ml of concentrate, for 15 litres use 750ml of concentrate and make up to level with water Rigid endoscopes and other instruments/devices

  • Immerse in proteolytic enzyme cleaner and wash clear of all debris

  • Rinse thoroughly and dry

  • Totally  immerse  in REPRODIS HLD4IInstrument Disinfectant for recommended time

  • Remove and rinse in filtered or sterile water

  • Dry and store in approved conditions 

Flexible endoscope cleaning and disinfection

  • Immerse disassembled endoscope in warm water and proteolytic enzyme cleaner. Wash the outside with disposable sponges or swabs and brush the distal end with a small brush

  • Remove valves, clean and disinfect in REPRODIS HLD4I Instrument Disinfectant for recommended time (see below)

  • Brush clean the biopsy-suction channel

  • Rinse all parts thoroughly and dry

  • Totally immerse the scope in REPRODIS HLD4IInstrument Disinfectant for recommended time (see below) to achieve high level disinfection

  • Rinse thoroughly with filtered or sterile water, as required

  • Dry and store in approved conditions

  • If the instrument is to be re-used immediately, purge all rinse water from the channels, dry exterior surface with a soft lint-free cloth and re-assemble for use 


Contact times

  • Bactericidal, Fungicide and Virucidal protectio -10 miutes

  • Immuno compromised protection - 10 minutes

  • Sporicidal protection - 10 minutes


Standard infection control practice is to rinse, dry and store instruments in sterile conditions following any chemical disinfection. It is not a recommended practice to exceed the soaking time or to leave instruments in the disinfectant solution overnight.

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