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Urine Analyzer

scil Vet SA  is an innovative analyzer enabling rapid and accurate urine sediment evaluation


The scil Vet SA is an innovative analyzer enabling rapid and accurate urine sediment evaluation due to its patented optical technology. For your benefit, a very high automatization leads to an easy usage and high robustness of the analyser.

The scil Vet SA is easy to transport and to install as it has a compact design. 

The instrument is manufacturer calibrated and ready for use. Within a few minutes it provides you accurate measurement results. The integrated high-resolution optic takes pictures in a large field of view thereby guaranteeing accurate measurement results. 

Urine sediment analysis has never been so easy – get your results in only three steps!

Automated urine sediment analysis
Accuracy and simplicity are the main goals of the scil Vet SA’s urine sediment analysis. Only 20μl urine are needed for one measurement. Preparation of a urine sediment is, however, not necessary, as native urine can be used in the scil Vet SA. 

Use this advantage and spare precious time with the scil Vet SA. Step by step to your result – after selection of the species you are guided through the intuitive user menu via the insertion of the patient ID to the start of the analysis. 

Measurement results will automatically be transmitted to your practice management software.


The new way of urine sediment examination!
In the past, urine sediment analysis had to be performed manually and was time consuming. Now, native urine is evaluated automatically and rapidly - allowing you having more time for other tasks in your clinic!

All you need to do is to pipette 20 μl of well mixed urine into the sample carrier, insert the carrier in the scil

Vet SA and start the measurement. Within three minutes you will get the detailed result. Information about cells, crystals, casts, and bacteria are displayed numerically as well as a holographic picture. 

Results are transmitted automatically to the practice management software.

Automatic urine sediment evaluation
The time where manual urine sediment analysis was needed is over. Holography detects, if erythrocytes (RBC), leukocytes (WBC) and/or epithelial cells are present or not. Squameous and non-Squameous epithelial cells are thereby differentiated. It is important to detect crystals in the urine. 

The scil Vet SA is differentiating Calcium oxalate – dihydrate as well as struvite crystals. Rare crystals are categorized as unclassified crystals. If this category should be positive, you can simply place the scil Vet SA sample carrier under your microscope and evaluate the crystals. 

Hyaline and non-hyaline casts as well as bacteria complete the result of the scil Vet SA urine sediment


Characteristic holographic image for urine sediment analysis!
The scil Vet SA uses holographic imaging techniques. In contrast to the common microscope, the urine component is not simply enlarged. 

The device sends a light beam, which creates a light wave. This light wave, which is characteristically changed by the object, is analyzed at the detector and the object is identified. 

Holography - the future of simple urine sediment analysis!

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